I had about a 1/4 gram to a gram a day habit of heroin for 3 years. I managed to widdle my habit down to about 1 bag a day toward the end. The last shot of heroin that I did was weak & I waited exactly 24 hours to dose with suboxone.

day 1: 8mg (felt pretty poorly)
day 2: 8mg (fine, even well)
day 3: 8mg (same)
day 4: 4mg (same)
day 5: 2mg (felt poorly but okay)
day 6: 2mg (felt pretty damn poorly)
day 7 2mg (today, as in right now) (feel fine) (its almost bedtime too!)

The Plan:

day 8: skip
day 9: skip (if can)
day 10: 1mg
day 11: 1mg
day 12: 1mg
day 13: skip
day 14: 1mg
day 15: skip
day 16: 0.5mg
day17: 0.5mg
day 18: 0.5mg
day 19: skip
day 20: 0.25mg
day 21: 0.25mg
day 22: 0.25mg
day 23: skip
day 24: 0.25mg
day 25: skip
day 26: 0.25mg
day 27: skip
day 28: skip
day 29: 0.25mg
day 30: skip
day 31: skip
day 32: 0.25mg
day 33: skip
day 34: 0.25mg
day 35: skip
day 36: skip
day 37: 0.25mg
day 38: skip
day 39: skip
day 40: 0.25mg
day 41: DONE!

Just to reiterate, day 1-7, have happened already! I am on day 7 TODAY. Remember, I only have 8mg left. The 'Plan' is tentative, & starts with day 8 (tomorrow) through 41. How does it look?

Real question, I only have 4 2mg left & no way or desire to procure anymore. My plan is to try & skip the next day, or two if possible, then dose with 1mg, stick with that for 3days, skip a day, dose with .5mg, continue tapering, skipping as often as possible until it's gone. What should I expect? I know that I will have insomnia & not feel great. I have to say though, so far this has been pretty painless & I am just so thrilled to not be sticking a needle in my arm everyday. I am showering again, making contact with old friends again, & feeling almost like myself again. Anything I need to know? Any advice? Warning? Etc.? BTW, I know that I should've gone to a Dr. That really isn't an option as my financial situation has taken a turn for the worse. It just isn't an option. The handful of suboxone that I got is all I have, with no way or desire to get anymore. I want this to be over. I realize that I am self-medicating, but I feel good about what I am doing. I just wanted to talk to others who have done this.
Thank you so much for listening. Much obliged.