I am hurting bad. I went to a detox 4/19 and got out 4/26. My last day they gave me a 1/4 of a subutex. I felt like in the detox I would come out with no withrawal symptoms. I was sleeping well. And felt good inside of detox. Now im out. Cold sweats. Restlessness at night. Anxiety, feeling of going back to using. I abused oxy about a year. I broke my back and that is what got me started with pain meds. That and the fact I have abused all kinds of drugs since I was about 14. I was using norcos 10/325 for the last couple years anywhere from 13-20 a day. I am 22 now. I dnt want to go back. Can anyone help me and let me know if this seems normal to be hurting even after 5 days detox? Its tuesday so it has been 7 days. I must say the last subutex does was on sunday. Any input would help. I know what I was doing was wrong that's why I turned myself in to detox. Thank in advance for any help/tips.