... I'm not feeling any better yet. I know it takes time. I was hoping it would help me to cut back on smoking, I'm not taking it for that reason but I just figured it might be an added benefit to taking the med. Anyway it seem like I am craving the cigarettes even more. I am still exhausted perhaps even more than before, and the past 5 days my pain level has increased also! I haven't noticed any side effects either. If ANYONE has tried wellbutrin sr could you please comment? I plan on sticking this out for awhile to give it a chance because all I want is to get back to a semi-normal life, and to smile again. I have fibromyalgia, chronic back pain (fibro?) anxiety, and depression. I take 150mg wellbutrin sr in am, 90mg kadian in am, 60mg in pm, and when I have them soma 350mg in the pm. Please I need advice