I have ( am ) been addicted to hydro 10/650 for close to 2yrs. Average dose 6-8 daily. I have a legit script for 120 mth. When these run out. I purchase 20 to 30 off street when necessary. Which is most always. Of course it all started with Dr.'s diagnosis/ prescription. Then with my addictive personality / character defects. The snowballing began and has brought me to here. Wd's started within 12hrs of last pill on 5/30. I emerged from this unbelievable, living hell Saturday 6/4. Never in my life have I remotely experienced anything like this. It was the last 3 days that were the worst. Sunday was a beautiful day. I rejoiced and cried deeply for the grace that had been bestowed upon me and gratitude that I so humbly felt. Today is Monday and as of this posting I have taken 4 hydro pills. 2 at 3:00 and then 2 more around 8:00. I am devistated and afraid. I have arranged to have the pills removed first thing in the morning. I have support. These pills were just across the street at cvs when I was going through wd,s. Yet, I refused to get them. I made it. Only to find myself doing them again. After going through what so many of you already know. Pure hell. My next step is NA. I believe this to be imperative at this point. My question. What happened? Why did I do this after going through that and feeling alive again for the first time in 2 hrs? And am I going to have this same withdrawal starting tomorrow? For about 36 hrs I felt real freedom. Now I am just sick... I have read many of your posts all during my wd experience. You are brave and beautiful people. God bless you all.