... non narcotic. It supposedly still hit the narcotic receptors in your brain, but wasnt addictive. This was great for me!! I had asked for something less strong than the dilaudid they had me on. I gave birth to my daughter three months ago and they sent me home with percs... okay, four weeks later my tubes were tied, more percs, and then three weeks after that I had a blood clot in my lung that was painful, boom, more percs... one week later I had a cyst on my ovary that caused terrible pain and internal bleeding. the doctors sent me home on dilaudid. I was really scared to continue all these narcotics because for one I was addicted to pain killers a few years back and never wanted to be there again. Another huge reason is my sister actually died July of last year from a pill overdose. Since then I have been adament on not taking pain killers. Unfortunately with all these surgeries the past couple months I felt like I had no choice and it was okay because there was a reason for me taking them, it wasnt recreational like before. To be honest though, whatever reason you take them doesnt effect wether or not you become addicted. So all in all I started feeling a little bit better after the last surgery and went to the doctor because I felt like the dilaudid wasnt necessary, it was just too strong. Motrin and tylenol wasnt taking the mild pain I was experienceing away so the doctor suggested ultracet. I explained how I was concerned with the dilaudid becoming habit forming and she said oh yes, it def will. thats why we like ultracet, it is a little stronger than tylenol and non addictive! omg, this was my savior. i started taking it (37.5 mg) two pills each time about three times a day. This was approximately three weeks ago. I went on to take the pills about three times a day, after a week I was taking three each time. I ran out of the pills two days ago and I have been feeling like I got smacked with the flu from hell. I havent slept, I am sweating and then freezing, def restless leg syndrome, stuffy nose, nauseau, diarrea, and sometimes dizziness. Is this seriously from the "non addictive" pain reliever my doctor gave me? This is EXACTLY what I did not want. I have stopped cold turkey and continue to keep it that way, I just need to know how long this will last? I have a six year old and a three month old and simply cannot feel like this for weeks. Is there something I can do to help my symptoms? I want to feel like myself again without the pills!! Please help, any info would be great =)