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I started taking Sertraline 50mg 7 days ago now I have very loose stools, is this normal?

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Rajive Goel 17 Jan 2012

24% people who take Sertraline do complaint as its common side effect diarrhea or loose stools, maybe if you think its too bothersome, you could ask your doc/pharmacist to prescribe an alternate med which would be more compatible to suit your system.

Take care, best wishes!

gordon weiss 17 Jan 2012

I am trying my best to handle it, I would feel more comfortable knowing this will pass in a week or 2 till my system gets used to the Sertraline, I was just wondering if this is normal, and hoping this will pass in time I want to give the sertraline a chance to work. Thank you very much for getting back to me.

Rajive Goel 17 Jan 2012

Most welcome, I guess you would get used to the med & this would pass, but if it does not do talk to your doc., please.

LaurieShay 18 Jan 2012

Having loose stools as a side effect of just starting sertraline is pretty common. The problem should subside after the first couple of weeks. Good luck on the new med. May take upwards of a month to reach maximum effectiveness so be patient.

gordon weiss 18 Jan 2012

Thank you for the info... I feel better knowing that what is happening is normal... free discount card

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