I started taking phen 30 mgs with the doctors care. I had a baby 7 months ago..im 20 and after trying to lose weight on my own i felt i needed more help so my doctor recommended phen 37.5. Im 5'7 and weigh 235 :( really upsest me be bc in use to weight 190.. never been a small girl but i didnt look like i weighed that much..i have a big frame and so i will never be small,,and that's fine i just want to be healthy..and 235 is not healthy whatsoever! My bodys total fat is 32% it needs to be much less..a female my height should weigh between 150-165 (according to my doctor) i would be happy just to be under 200... the day before i had my baby i weighed 256. i couldnt beleive it..but its not to late and i beleive i can do it! so im hoping gaining the 2 lbs overnight with the phen 37.5 is maybe muscle bc i am really sore today from work out dvds..if you have any suggestions please let me know :) thanks