and when I finish script and its been almost a week-two I start to think to myself,'geez, for finally cleaning up I really feel awful?'..IDK, I spent most of my adult life in a haze,since highschool and now I don't know how to function right, I have no ambition, cuz EVERYTHING that I did in my everyday was on something... basically feel like I lost a lot of 'me' with every oppurtunity i let pass... Is this normal, and how do you make good when all you think and feel is,'your nowhere you thought you'd be by 30'..I can't even remember half the dreams and aspriations I had... Now my credit shows all collections from whats been spent on pkillers, lost my job mainly because when I sobered up I realized, I am so sick of settling for any job to barley get by, when I know I was supposed to be that person others lived vicariously through, got the life ya know... does this funk pass???