... day. Two weeks ago I started taking only 1/2 tab 2x day, last week I went down to 1/4 tab a day and am still on that. I have been experiencing tremors, disturbing dreams without restful sleep, and my heart beating fast, and extreme anxiety. I saw on the internet that all these problems and more are from withdrawal. I have called my psychiatrist 4 times now and she called back once, but did tell me that I am going through withdrawal and I wanted her advice on how to get off this drug safely. I also have depression and I take celexa 60 mg a day. The worst part of this drug withdrawal is that it gets really bad during my period. Some days I do fine, others seem awful. I called my doctor 2 times today & left messages and hopefully, I will get an answer tomorrow since today is Sunday. It was really bad today. The tremors in my hands and my head shaking once in awhile are freaky and I want to be "normal" for me again. Is this possible, will I ever get to the point where I am not like this anymore? I wake up 2 or 3 times a night with the terrible anxiety and dreams. I read where ativan messes with the REM sleep that is restful and caused these vivid, disturbing dreams and my heart is racing. I try to exercise a lot to help the anxiety.
I had been on Klonopin from Dec. 2009 to Feb.2009 and I had this reaction in Feb., I even went to the Emergency
Room and they just called it acute anxiety. I had no idea I was going through withdrawal. My physiciatris then, put me on ativan and I was okay for awhile. I was also using ambien for a year and a half before that. I quite that last Feb. 2009. Again, can I look forward to getting my old self back?