I sarted taking adderall a month ago doc started me on 10mgs. twice a day. This month he upped it.. to 20mgs. the first time i took the 10mg i got nausiated that was it. The first day I took the 20mg the same thing however, today is my second day on it I took one when I got up and one later on around 10pm cause I forgot(so probably no sleep for me). anyway the second one I took today I started to get a little jittery it seemed but my heart rate is of the chain and my pusle is fast also. I could feel my hear beating. I instantly got upset and thought something was going to happen to me it hasnt yet tonight! I want to know is this sometimes normal for your heart to race and pulse be fast? what would cause this? and why did it not do it when i took it the first day and the one I took earlier today but the night one I took made me like this? what is going on? is it normal? please tell me I cant so worried about things like this!! thank you in advance!!