... which I did not have. The most I would taken in a day was maybe 7, but usually 4. I could not live or work without them.

I then hurt my back (L5-S1)Jan 2009 and was given 8 mg Dialudid 4 times per day. I continued to take them even after the pain subsided. I loved them but in October 2009 I started having w/d's every morning and figured it was time to stop. I went to rehab and was weaned off with Methadone in 5 days.

I had the worst w/d's after that and went back to my Dr. who put me on 7.5 mg Vicodin 4 times per day. It wasn't enough.. I became suicidal and ended up in the hospital for 6 days mid December 2009. They gave me 15 mg MS Contin twice daily because I told them I still had pain. I barely had any pain just needed an opiate to function. I also bummed a few 15 mg Oxycodone from a friend.

I finally came clean and went to an addiction Psychiatrist. I took my last pain pill 48 hours before my induction of Suboxone 1/7/10.

The Dr gave me 8 mg on 1/7/10, (yesterday). I did not sleep a wink last night and felt dizzy and nauseous. The w/d's were gone and I felt good ..but also felt this was too much.

The Dr. gave me a script for 12 mg's a day and said he was going to up it to 16 mg's on 1/21/10.

I spoke with him this morning and asked him if I could take only 4mg due to feeling dizzy and light headed. He said no. He insisted I take the 12 mg?

I took them at 8:30 AM and still feel nauseous. No w/d's but I don't feel right.

Does it get better... I feel if I lowered my dose it would be perfect but I don't want to sway from the Dr's orders.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated