I started my hep c treatment on Nov 13th, and have not missed any doses till yesterday. I've had very little side effects. Yesterday, Nov 21, I took my 6 AM dose, and took my 2 PM dose with the required fat and when my cell alarm went off, I thought I took my 10 PM dose, when I got a family phone call. This morning I found I had missed the 10 PM dose of incivek. I took the 6 AM dose, and at 10 AM took one of the incivek pills I had missed . At 2 PM, I took the proper dose, and at 5 PM took the other pill I had missed. I will take the proper 10PM dose soon. How bad did I screw up, by missing one dose, and then catching up? I will be extra vigilant in the future. John TexNM PS I worked all day at my restaurant and felt fine.