I just started taking Lexapro (10mg) and Abilify (2mg) one week ago for Bipolar disorder. I also take Klonopin for sleep nightly (2mg), and for the occasional panic attack. I take hydrochlorothiazide for HBP and Excedrin OR Advil almost daily for headaches, and sometimes Prilosec for heartburn. I know - it's a lot!!! For the past 3 days, my feet have been swelling. The first day it was just my left foot, the second day it was my right foot (until later that night when the left one started as well), and now today both are swollen. The only NEW meds are the Lexapro and Abilify, plus a higher dosage of Klonopin, as PRESCRIBED by my psychiatrist. Does anyone know if these meds - or any of the meds combined - can cause swelling? Also, is it enough of a concern to call my doctor? And if so, do I contact my regular physician or my psychiatrist? I'm so confused! I would normally just call, but I KNOW they will have me come in - even if it's just to check my BP... However, if it's a serious side effect (which I don't remember reading about), then I definitely wanna get it checked out! Any help is MUCH appreciated! Thanks.