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I started getting ulcers in my mouth. Could it be from the meloxicam?

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blaze22 1 Mar 2011

There is no specific information stating that meloxicam side effect can be mouth sores... check with your pharmacist and ask if this is considered an acidic drug... believe it or not, I found out just this past year that many drugs on the market/ are considered acidic, so if you are ingesting acidic foods as well, then there is the chance of possible ulcers... it can be from worrying, / genetic makeup/ and other medications that are being used at the same time... use listerine and rinse mouth well with cold water..If that is uncompfortable, then use baking soda in warm water about a 1/2 teaspoon to 6 oz of water or hydrogen peroxide... swish these mixtures in mouth for about 1 minute then rinse ..also you can buy Kanka and or anbesol, oragel baby formula for discompfort... this will help, call your doctor and pharmacist and follow up with information... hope this helps... will follow up... Blaze22

orrfamily4 1 Mar 2011

Just spoke to my pharmacist. Yes, it causes ulcers. Talking to the specialist on Monday about possibly switching meds again. I have gone through half the bottle of kankaid, etc. and nothing helps to keep the ulcers away. They said there is not acid in the drug but it's the way my body is interacting with the drug. Thanks! This is a new avenue for me with dealing with Fibromyalgia.

blaze22 2 Mar 2011

Good to hear back from you... I've been meaning to ask a pharmacist about a pill that I use to take when I was a young girl because of ulcers in the mouth all the time... You keep them in the refrigerator, take 1-2 a day or as needed, and they worked great... I don't know if the pharmacies offer it anymore... It is supposed to be stronger than those over the counter, or meds for this particular mouth issue and you can only get it by prescription... Basically they are like a powerful tums, rolaids or something like that but for ulcers specifically... glad I could be of some help... good luck to you... Blaze22 free discount card

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