I was sober for many years and I had a bad breakup with ex after 10 yrs together... I had terrible cravings so my psychiatrist said he would start me on Suboxone for these cravings. He said it doesn't make you high so you can still function normally, he said it was easy to stop. He started me on 24 mg a day for 3 years. I quess I had a negative side effect 2.5 months ago: I became terribly paranoid and my family intervened and put me in the hospital for severe paranoia and detox from suboxone. I was given a taper starting at 8 mgs x 2 days, 7 mg x 2 days and all the way to 1 mg for 2 days then stopped on the 11th day and discharged. I decided to go to treatment/rehab because my brain was not totally functioning when discharged and I felt it was the safest option. I went to treament and on my 4th day there I went into full blown active detox with all the withdrawal symptons. I spoke to the MD/psychiatrist at the treatment center and he saw I was in bad withdrawal so he decided to start me on another taper just like the one at detox. When I got to 1 mg I began to feel the same withdrawal symptons again and on day 3 of last dose I again feeling active severe withdrawal symptons again. I was told I needed to go back on a much longer taper for about 9 weeks. Starting with 8 mg/day x 1 week, then 7 mg/day x 1 week all the way down to 1/2 mg daily x 1 week and then stop medication. I am now on 6 mg a day x one week and I go down to 5 mg/day x 1 week starting this Monday 8/16/10. I am still shaking quite a bit but I don't feel sick/nausea/vomiting. I am scared to get down to 3 mg down to 1/2 mg daily because it was hard to do that before... but I choose to keep tapering. I am also looking into the cost of Rapid detox and I would like to talk to someone who has gone through the Rapid detox and the 9 week taper just to aleviate my fears. I would appreciate any suggestions, experiences, strength and hope you may share. I appreciate all you have shared as I read the messages under support groups. I look forward to hearing from you and anyone else you suggest. Thank you so much.