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I started 20mg Celexa 3 days ago. Will I get my sexual drive back?

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Delila 31 May 2011

Hi, i've only just come across your question. I guess you are still taking the celexa? If so you will have been on them for 16 days now, how are you getting on? Usually it takes around 28 days for the medication to be working at full capacity, and from there you should notice positive changes in your psychological and physical health. It is certainly likely that your sex drive will return. I take celexa and i have no problems in that area now. While i was very depressed before taking the meds i had no interest in sex but that has changed. I don't know if you are male or female but i assume this shouldn't make too much of a difference?

alp57 31 May 2011

Hi Just wanted to let you know that you should talk to your doctor about this. Some times you could lose your sex drive and it may or may not come back. The best thing you can do is talk to your doctor. Some times your doctor can put you on a different medicine if you have problems in th at area.

gaugur69 1 Jun 2011

Correct 16 days down. I've never taken an SSRI before. Just welbrutrin. I think being tired so much is effecting me more. I also read this should pass. Everything I read says stick it out. Dry mouth went away. No wieght gain. I do think Im a bit more depressed right now. I heard that can also be a temporary side effect. Im hoping in 2 weeks I feeling like I used too. It's been along time since I've realy smiled without faking it. It's work just to go to a party. Thanks for your feed back. These are great sites. Where could you find/talk with people that can relate.

Delila 1 Jun 2011

Hi i'm glad you are still going on the celexa. Like you, i had a period of feeling worse, and it did pass after a little while. Go easy on yourself. It is really great that you are still talking about going to parties, i hid myself away which didn't help. You are right that most if not all side effects can dissipate once you are past the induction period so i hope this is the case with you : ) free discount card

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