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I sleep about 12 hours a day,is that normal?

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Inactive 18 Dec 2010

Good morning razoon,
Could you please add more information to your question, as in, are you depressed? What is your age? Are you ill in any way? Do you take any medications? Use any illicit drugs? (sorry, had to ask that)
If you add this info we can better help you with your dilemma. If you are a teenager, then yes, 'tis perfectly normal to sleep 12 hours!!
Best wishes to you,

zev51104 24 Dec 2010

Very well could be. New studies have shown that the typical 8 hours now seems to be more atypical. How much sleep you need depends on so many factors that its hard to say what your ideal length is. Basically, if you're healthy, happy, fall asleep and wake up naturally(alarm clocks unfortunately are sometimes needed, but not wanted, haha) and manage to move properly through all sleep stages, than i would assume that you are getting the proper amount of sleep. You also have to keep on mind whether you experience daytime drowsiness or the inverse which might be considered a sleep disorder based on a standard timeline. Hope to have helped. free discount card

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