I am a 49 yr old white female, in good health and always had plenty of energy. I have never had any other health issues, and have "never" had any weight issues(almost concidered "under-weight" most of my life). I went to my doctor a little over 3 months ago, w/ a few issues of not feeling like I used to... symptoms were... lack of energy,inability to concentrate, low libido, puffiness under eyes, sleeplessness, night sweats & dry skin. Thinking that I was "menopausal", and wanting to find out what my options were... my doctor suggested some blood work... Turns out I was in almost perfect health... other than my thyroid. My T4 was 3.2, & my TSH was 40.30. So she started me on 0.25mg of levothyroxine, and was on for 6 weeks. Had more blood work done being after being on for 6 weeks , and these levels were T4=5.3, TSH=47.40. Doctor then increased my dosage again to .50mg. Not really feeling any improvments on my health or on any of my symptoms, actually I was now gaining weight at a dramatic speed(very unlike me)... more night sweats, Very irregular periods(which had virtually stopped prior to this medication), sleeping even less than before, less of a libido, and almost lethargic during the day. I keep thinking my symptoms are going to improve so I call the doctor and express my concern with my feelings in regards to the weight gain, she says that the medicine should work in the opposite effect... that I should be loosing weight instead of gaining. Please also note that I do some amature modeling so my weight is an issue. So she suggests I wait and do more blood work after being on the .50mg for 6 weeks. I do and my latest results were... T4=7.3, TSH=26. After these results, she ups my meds to 0.075. I have been on this prescip for almost 30 days now. I have now gained over 22 pounds in a little over 3 months, with vary little change in my lifestyle, other than now trying to cut back on what goes in my mouth! I am very confused and would appreciate any input of what I should be or not be doing. I took it upon myself to stop taking the meds about 4 days ago. I think I am starting to feel better. I just know that I was not in perfect health 3 months ago, but I will say that I did feel better than I do now, and am willing to live my life like I was then... NOT NOW!! Please HELP!!