I was treated twice for Hep C. Genotypte 1a. My 2nd Tx ended in February, 2007. Both treatments resulted in my being hospitalized for pneumonia, and Tx was discontinued. Thoug it's been over 3 years since I last put any of that "Poison" in my body... I continue to lose my teeth, ( I have 2 1/2 remaining and the others simply broke off in pieces over the years). I have significant cognitive impairment, memory loss, anxiety and depression, have lost control of my bladder and bowel functioning, break out in cold sweats followed by nausea. When this happens, I have to crawl on my stomach to get to the bathroom. If I don't crawl, I will become dizzy and pass out. My GI is a schmuck... with a nice smile. I am too "shy" to confront him with my anger over what has become of me due to treatment. In fact, he is reluctant to associate any of my current symptoms to either the Tx or the disease!!! I see him tomorrow, (9/07/2010). How can I get him to listen to, and address my issues??? I am not a forceful person. Any ideas, input or help will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,

Jeff P.
Milwaukee, WI