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I see ad's for vicodan posted on the internet, is this for real or what's the deal here?

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Inactive 18 Sep 2009

My old boss ordered some prescription diet pills over the internet and it was siezed by Customs and he got a letter indicating they could prosecute him. The letter basically TOLD him that he was agreeing to let them sieze the pills but if he didn't, they would prosecute him. He agreed and never did it again. It happened about a year ago and so far, they haven't prosecuted him, but, he is concerned they will if he ever gets into any more trouble. Be very careful.

phillip6103 18 Sep 2009

i concurr you should always just go to the pharmacy for prescriptions.

Inactive 20 Sep 2009

We used to do it, about 5 years ago... didn't have a problem with it. But they were not from out of country.
I think that sucks what happened to pattishans boss. I've never heard of such a thing happening,but that puts a damper on your question, & for anyone else who is thinking about ordering... If you are legitimately in pain and NEED the meds, & your doctor won't prescribe them to you, you are in the same boat as I am... sounds like it is a shady deal, and to steer clear of online meds! free discount card

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