so i was doing so good, was down to about 110-130 mg of percocet a day, and now i am back to 160 every other day. i dont know what happen. some days its 130 mg, then others 160mg. so ive got my medication taper journal im starting to use so i can see my progression when it happens, and when i take more then usual, then i can go to that day and pick it apart to see how my day went and why and what could have been a reason to take more pills. im so darn mad at myself, i was doing good, i felt good about myself, and now im back to the beginning. why do i keep going thru this circle and falling thru. am i doing it wrong. well ive got 40 pills of 10/325 percocet now, i take my doses about 4 sometimes 5 times a day. then on friday i pick up a new prescription of 80. laurieshay, or anyone of you out there, please help me come up with another taper schedule that i will have little withdrawls, and tell me what i can do to make this successfull. i was debating cold turkey but dont think its a great idea, and neither does dr. i take 3 1/4 pills making it 32.5 mgs per dose. thanks family, hoping to hear from someone real soon. leanne