I found that the fentanyl patch only lasted me about 24 hours. After doing some research, I truly believe my body was absorbing the fentanyl super fast, because now my tolerance seems to be super high. I recently switched to oxycontin, and am finding that not even 100 mg every 8 hours is enough, and I actually experience withdrawal syptoms. And I have hydrocodone 5mg for breakthru, but doesn't help too much. This is just ridiculous, and scares the hell out of me, to be honest. I don't want to get to the point where absolutely nothing works for me. And I mean, what if I had to have surgery or got seriously injured, would my tolerance be so high that they'd have to put me in a coma or something?
My doctor has mentioned switching to methadone, but I'm quite hesitant about it. I guess I'm just looking for some recommendations, because my doctor's not really the best at listening to me.