happenning. my last appt. i had with him, he had me do a urine test. i thought, ok, no big deal, i take my meds as prescribed. well, to my suprise, the psy.assistant told me that i fail the test. she said that there was darvocet in my urine sample. Well, the problem is, is that i have NEVER taken darvocet. like i said, i take my meds as prescribed. should the Dr. re-did the urine test before just kickin me out the door and saying he cannot treat me anymore because i "broke the contract" i had with the pain clinic. now let me reiterate... I HAVE NEVER TAKEN DARVOCET! some people have told me that he should have done a 2nd test if the 1st one came out "NOT RIGHT"? O, not only that, i had an appt wit the psy.assistant and asked to see my urine test and she said the dr. didnt sign off on it so she couldnt show me... but my records were laying right on her lap!!! does any of this seem suspicious to any of you out there AND do you think maybe its time to consult a lawyer? i need to take my meds, otherwise, i cant even get out of bed at times and the pain wakes me all thru the night and my mood is just down right mean sometimes because i hurt so bad. please, ANYONE, let me know what you think :-(