I recently lost my bf that I lived with to an od of heroin. He had an addiction for ~ 13 years, but was clean when I met him. Clean for 5 years. I never knew him as an addict, although I now know that you are always an addict.He told me just enough information and said he was going to meetings. He seemed very off the night he went to bed, almost talking drunk, and now looking back nodding off but told me that he had taken sleeping pills bc he wasn't sleeping. He even had a prescription for lexapro. He went to sleep snoring. In the morning, he had passed. I later found heroin and 2 mg sticks of xanax. I'm aboslutely devestated, not only from the loss of him, but the betrayal-I had no idea he was even using. Looking back the xanax use was ~ 1 month,and the heroin no idea. Would I see changes right away? If so, couldn't of even been a week.