... It was explained to me that there would be 5 parts of 3 minute duration each totaling 15 minutes. Each part would be increasingly difficult since each succeding part has the treadmill speed increased as well as the incline of the treadmill. I was told that being 64 my goals were 85% pulse of 132, 90% of 140, and 100% of 156. After the first part of 3 minutes, my pulse was about 130 amd half way thru the second part my pulse was 157. At that time the doctor stopped the test and said it was a good test. There were no problems with the sensors or connections or my BP readings as far as I know. About 4 minutes after the test was stopped, my heart rate was back down around 65. My question is: Does the fact that I reached 100% pulse in 4 1/2 minutes and the test was stopped and I recovered back to a normal pulse in 4 to 5 minutes indicate a strong heart or weak heart or something else I can't think of?