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I recently began taking adderall in generic form,is this as effective as brand name?

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superstressed 10 Feb 2010

I take the 30mg twice a day in generic and it works just fine for me... sometimes too well.

Mustknow 10 Feb 2010

thank you.

superstressed 10 Feb 2010

You're welcome. I'm sorry if I didn't be specific. You are talking about the instant release and not the XR? I had bad side effects from the brand name XR and that's why the dr switched me to the generic IR.

Mustknow 10 Feb 2010

I'm taking 10 mg 2xs a day just started yesterday I just was curious if it will be as effective as the more expensive(ugh)brand name.

superstressed 10 Feb 2010

I wouldn't even know how brand name IR Adderall works because of my insurance. If a drug comes in generic, then that's what I have to get, if not the insurance company will penalize me and make me have to pay more. I can't afford that. I started out at 20mgs.

mitjason 11 Feb 2010

Immediate Release Adderall works just like the Brand name. I personally take it and it works great! No need to worry. The FDA studies generic drugs before they are released to the public. Hope this helps!

Mustknow 14 Feb 2010

thanks for the feedback, Does your adderall taste like saccherine? very sweet,mine does. On the pill bottle it says amphetamine salts a substitute for adderall? sound familiar? is it real? blue 10 mg.

mitjason 19 Feb 2010

Yes. Adderall contains what is called Amphetamine Salts which include the some of the following drugs, Amphetamine, Dexrtoamphetamine, etc.. I hope this helps. They are real and will work the same. So Amphetamine Salts (The generic for adderall) is exactly the same product as adderall. Hope this helps! free discount card

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