today at my doctor's appt. I saw 2 pain specialist and neither gave me any pain meds can you believe it? It's what I feared in my past post about getting doctors to listen. the second doctor at least gave me 3 muscle relaxant shots (just lidocain with a steroid). she said the steroid won't kick in for a week. I told her I can't even get out of bed in the am, so how do i deal with this pain for a week? don't they care? i know they are worried about addiction, but this is ridiculous. My MRI shows foraminal stenosis from 2 bulging discs, so they know i'm not making this stuff up. any ideas? am I just being a cry baby? my only resort is to go back on my suboxone, it's the only pain relief i have in the house besides tylenol. thanks, any ideas welcome