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I really need to get off vicoden percocet, all of those... how do I do it the withdraws are terrible

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BRRMARS 5 May 2011

Very slowly, how much of each are you taking and what is the dosage?

Inactive 6 May 2011

I am taking like 10 5/500 mg vicodin or 10mg percocet... or more depending on the day.

BRRMARS 6 May 2011

Okay you need to take it slow your taking alot a day. The slower you taper of the less withdrawls you will have. Go from 10 a day to 8 a day, how many percocet a day are you taking. do the 8 a day for a week, then see how you are handling that. then maybe go down two more, this is a slow process but the slower the better.

Inactive 5 May 2011

As my friend says it would be more helpful if we were to know what & how many , & how often you take these meds. No judgement here, so don't be afraid... .

LaurieShay 5 May 2011

Hey mommio,

While is isn't always easy, tapering off the vicodin and percocet is the simplest way to avoid the withdrawals. You need to slowly reduce the number of milligrams every week over many weeks time. If you can tell us how many and what strength you are taking, I would be happy to help you with a taper schedule. It can be done without much discomfort.

Best wishes,


Hello! I finally ( after months of reading) decided to join and post. My husband and I are both addicted to pain meds. I had them perscribed to me after I gave birth to my son. At 1st took them for pain, and then started taking them for the euphoric effects. Offered him one and the rest is history. We would take them everyday for a year! After we couldn't buy hydro's anymore we moved on to roxy. Evetually we got off them with the help of suboxone, pretty much substituted one thing for another. Wanted to get off those... Now been back on pain meds for 5 months now. Taking on average 160mg of roxicett a day. We realized we were headed down the same road ( a little too late IMHO) but none the less are in the process of quitting. This time EVERYTHING. We are now down to about 60mg a day. It has still been tough, it is the mental cravings that get me.

LaurieShay 5 May 2011

Hey Alice,

Congratulations on the positive progress you are making to get clean. We are here to support you and your husband anyway I can. Getting off the opiates isn't easy but just remember it is a simple process of one day at a time and stick to that taper. You can do this as you said with determination and some diversion tactics when the cravings get bad. You are not doing anything wrong with the way you have posted. We are here to support you. I'll friend you then you can write me anytime by just clicking on my avatar or my name.

Best wishes,

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