of his switch back to methadone, they gave him 5 25mg pills of morphine the first day followed by 3 25mg tabs of morphine and 20mg of methadone and this is day three and they gave him NO morphine and only 45mg of methadone, he is in BAD shape!! he is in so much pain and to make matters worse his pharmacist (who is supposed to see him everyday) left till next wednesday on a conference.I guess the doctors at the pain clinic think they want to put him up 5mg every 10 days... he used to be on 40mg of methadone PLUS FOUR EIGHTY MG OF OXYCONTIN! he was only on suboxone for 15 days and only at the top end for three of those days.What is a good titration level for methadone? I am also a pain patient I have been thru lymphoma as well as still suffering with sarcoidosis(multi-organ) I started my dose at 90mg of methadone and then was quickly brought up to 150mg of methadone as well as 150mg of oxycodone for breakthru (in 10mg pills).I think that they want him to suffer... his doc promised if the sub did not work to return him to his previous meds,she lied... now he is suffering again! I need to know if anyone has gone from suboxone to methadone and how fast could the dose be increased... this is so upsetting! thanks