I have been on almost every drug imaginable{exept crystal meth} for over 25 yrs now mostly opiates,crack and benzos i have done a few rehabs ALL failures and inevitably done quite a bit of time due to my addictions {prisons,pshyc wards etc} since being last released in 2007 i have been put on SUBS firstly as part of my parole conditions and then due to dependance on them i am currently on 12mg a day and i want off them badly as i dont seem to have any motivation in anything anymore even my partner has had enough of the lack of intamacy etc etc{you know what i mean) PLEASE!! CAN SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME WITH A PLAN OF HOW TO TAPER AND WHAT TO EXPECT i have read some things from someone called ROBERT_362 OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT MAYBE HE COULD SUGGEST SOMETHING SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AS I AM ALSO NEW TO THIS COMPUTER STUFF ONLY HAVING ONE FOR 3 WEEKS OR SO!!!