Thank you so much for any and all help. I am currently in california and I have been seen almost 30 times in the e.r. for severe abdominal pain and diarrhea every time I eat. I have had doctors absolutely refuse to diagnose me. I have had dr. korey jorgenson my main doctor send me a letter refusing to treat me and told me I could no longer be their patient Everytime I eat have lower right abdominal pain and diarrhea within half an hour sometimes I go into shock with chills and I have had my appendix taken out at st. jude hospital. Then doctor arash mahdavi told me that my appendix was normal. And was threatened by dr. arash mahdavi and told I was dr. shopping?? I still have the same problems. I am afraid that this will kill me whatever is wrong with me. I have seen blood in my stool. I have gone into cold shock and vomited green vomit with a fever on multiple occassions I have had a colonoscopy and was told I didn't have ulcerative colitis. I still have the same problems. I cannot find a doctor anywhere in california to take me seriously or even remotely show any concern for my condition. Every doctor I have seen so far makes me try to feel like I am making this stuff up to get drugs or whatever. I TRULY SERIOUSLY AS GOD AS MY WITNESS AM SUFFERING and am scared. I cannot eat food without living in complete hell afterward. My stomach is always bloated and I always feel as if I just ate a 5 course meal. and have seen my lower right abdomen swollen. has anybody ever been through this what can I do please help,