and in this small town, I can't risk going to a treatment facility, and want to get off the hydrocodone. I have an rx but get most of them from friends, family, etc. I take about 6-7 7.5 a day, if I have 10mg I will take about 5 a day, I started about 5 years ago taking 1 pill a day. I am so embarrassed ashamed feel like a piece of crap. Nothing has "happened" other than I have ran up credit cards spending cash on drugs, and I am so ashamed. I want to and need to quit. My friend says go cold turkey, it lasts three days. But its so awful all I did was cry and cry..phsyically I didn't feel that bad off. My hubby says I just need t o cut down slowly, and I have only been taking 2 a day which helps. I can't go to work a crying mess. What would be the bes tthing for me to do? I don't want to kid myself. I got some immodium and zantac a nd am hoping that will help. Please, anyone, tell me something. I do have a depressive disorder, I take cymbalta and have some xanax whichI don't care to take. I feel like such a loser.