... whole lumbar, and spinal cord was injured! I've got so many different issue's that my specialists have been putting off surgery for a number of reasons! Anyway,,my question is this,,Im on Opana 40mg ER × 4 times a day, and Opana 10mg IR ×6 times a day, and Lyrica, cymbalta, 2 diff types of blood pressure meds,,because my pain level really raises my blood pressure bad,,like most of you I'm sure! I was rushed to the ER monday because my back made a snap and I was down,,with taking my normal meds it wouldn't touch my pain, or blood pressure, when I got there my blood pressure was 228/86,,the pain I felt & am still feeling. I had my test results come back and I've got sum more issues,,Lucky me! The hospital used liquid hydromorphone 8 times through IV and it finally took my pain levels down, and blood pressure! They think it's possible this new medication will work for me,,and I'm really scared for the simple reason my pain is constant around the clock & severe!! So,,what would be a dose of EXALGO ER & Exalgo IR,,considering the Opana's that I've been on nearly a year to this day! I've been on the same dose for a solid year of Opana,,and here's this new med that's suppose to be the opposite,,which may help me coupe better & longer without suffering!! PLEASE HELP,,i see my specialist @10am tomorrow,,Thank you & God Bless all of you that suffer!! It really is a terrible way to live,,I know it very well!!