I have been on 80 mgs of oxycontin, and 1/2 10 mg of percocet every 6-8 hrs. I am disabled, spent 14 months in the hospital and never got better. I am unable to walk and when I have tried I have always broke a bone the only bones not broken are my arms and legs. I have relapsing residual Guillian barr' syndrom, and I have also been badly beaten by my last 2 x husbands to the pont I had to stay in for over 3 weeks so noone would see my fce and body. finally I ran fron husband 1 and called my folk after I woke up and had them come and get me. 1 month later is when I wound up very ill with gbs. This past march I wound up in the hospital from phemonia, and had just taken my meds since I had no idea she was gonna admit me to the hospital. I was in my room within 20 min. and had my dinner tray about 10 min after that. the nurse came around giving out meds, I told her I had just had some and she was groaning that she did not want to get off her schedule. so she set them on my tray and left. I was going to put them in my drawer,however another nurse came in to take vitals and saw my meds, and she said you have to take those. I said I will and she refused to leave until I took them, so I was in the middle of eating and wound up eating my meds not thinking about it until I tasted something horrid OK, I over dosed. I don't remember much, however while I was there someone told me that my reg pain doc was not allowed to prescribe anymore and I have to find one at the hosp. I was horrifide when I wound up on 15 mgs. of MS contin and 3 5 mgs of per every 8 hrs. I had also broke my back so I have also been on soma, he also lowered that dose. I now have not been out of the hose unless its to the drs since March
The only meds that took the burning away in my body and legs and feet and hand was the oxycontin, now I have bed soars and they don't seem to care. my neice is a nurse and she got the bed soars to go away, however we too pics of them. I am wondering if I should hire a layer I have now seen 5 different pain docs so should I get a lawyer or dose anyone have any suggestions
also my e/mail is dmlady40@aol.com if you want to ansewere me personally,
have a pain free day