I promised a friend of mine, Sacosam, that I would join this group and become educated on this obviously painful, debilitating disease. PMA, I'm not even sure what it is... what causes it, or the effects it has on peoples lives. I am familiar with pain. That's about it. I would like to hear some detailed info on this condition. Is it a condition, disease, inflammatory disorder??

For the next week, I will be out of state. My husband is having surgery at a teaching hospital and I certainly will have time on my hands! I will put that time to good use and research this PMA. My husband and his surgeon are friends. Maybe I can get some access to insider info, computers, books, etc.

Anything you could tell me about PMA to get me started would be much appreciated. I may be able to get to talk with a specialist, at least I can try. What I CAN promise is that when I come back, I will have the knowledge about this condition and may be able to be of help in this group.

If anything, I AM persistent!