... thirty a.m. (central time) when i took my first dose (a whole 8mg) and then it was about two thirty p.m. that i took my second dose of 8mg. I feel better for a while and can deal with life but I am not sure how often I should be taking it and how much. I want to detox fairly fast as i have heard it is possible. I have detoxed from heroin once before cold turkey and it was pure HELL. This seems like a much nicer roure. I am also addicted to benzodiazepines (1mg xanax a day) and heard there could be some interaction with suboxone. please any dosing information and any other info on my situation would be greatly appreciated. I feel totally fine on an 8mg dose every twelve hours except for a nagging pain in my legs. how long does each suboxones effects last? I know it has a very high half-life but the actual effects time is what Im wondering. I am afraid if i take another dose too soon that it will send me into hell fire w.d.s. please any advice and information on my situation would be a God send. thank you in advance.