I am am worried about addiction as well as over kill? My Family doctor has proscribed Liberex First , 2 caps, 2.5mg, three times a day. We did this for about 6 weeks, and it really did not stop a depression.. She than added , 1 Ryzolt 100 mg. once a day . Now this medication has made a big diffrence., my startle is gone, and my hands barely shake. The depression is also nearly gone. And if my hands would be still, perhaps , I could do my oil paintings once again, which used to put me in such a wonderful place.. Only I still lack concentration. I have the atteneion apsn of a two year old. . I do fear medications, yet I can see a diffrence, with this Ryzolt... It's very expensive! Any suggestions as to what antidepressant, that does the least amount of harm, like weight gain and ( not those mind numbing antipsychotic drugs! ) that has been helpfull , for any of you?