I have been using roxicet for roughly a year now. It started really recreationally... maybe one here and there when i went out, or out with my girlfriend and i was only eating them- a half of a thirty per dose. From there it slowly turned into more frequent use and up to taking one 30 mg per dose. eventually i was taking 1-2 30mg maybe every other day to just recently maybe every day. i know i am not that addicted as some people and I know i can kick it. i went on a trip to europe for a week and had none, i was fine but felt very sluggish, no sleep, restless legs and could not eat, i do good for a little bit, then reuse. I guess what i am tryin to do know is fight through each day, but some days are impossible at work with the pain. what can i take for those bad days, without making it worse... Soboxin, Methadone, Perks... WHAT? I DONT KNOW ANYMORE AND its gonna cost me alot if i dont stop?