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I need to stop drinking.Will the Xanax2 3xdaily help me quit?

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7 Feb 2011

hi dana,if you mean will they help with any withdrawls you may go threw,yes they will. but to stop drinking you gotta want to. just keep in mind that alcohol detox can be very dangerous,so tell a friend or someone who can keep an eye on you. xanax will help but try the lowest dose to get you through first couple of days. if you need to you can always take more. 2mg 3 times a day is a high dose.yxanax are very habit forming,so keep that in mind. you can hurt your insides with prolonged usage. keep asking questions on this site,and you will find some very knowledgeable and caring people.good luck, god bless and keep you safe... Pete

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Anonymous 8 Feb 2011



danadelevante 8 Feb 2011

thank you. I should have mentioned that this question was about a friend that needs to stop drinking. And I think she has gone to a quack doctor and she doesn't need the xanax.The xanax is only easing the withdraws (example,stoping the morning shakes) and beilves she is not an alcoholic .

timberland 30 Aug 2011

yes one can only quit drinking when you are completely ready,,xanax helps with the withdrawl but will not stop you from taking a drink... Xanax and alcohol are a dangerous mixture as well... detox facilities and family drs are always helpful is you are honest about the problem... good luck T

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