I used to be on 15mg of Roxicodone 4x a day, and Soma 350mg 3x a day.

I Recently switched Dr.'s do to insurance purposes and now this Dr. put me on MS Contin 15mg 2x a day, Percocet 10/325 3x a day, Para fen 2x a day, and Elavil 10mg once at bedtime.

Now, here is the trouble I am having. I have had 3x back surgeries, the last one being a fusion with hardware, which has gotten worst each back surgery.

Here is my question? The roxi and soma helped me better than what I am on now. She has already told me she WILL NOT write the roxis or the soma out because she just doesn't WRITE them! Keep in mind this is a Pain Management Clinic. The MS Contin doesn't help at all and frankly I think I have been going through withdrawal symptoms? The MS Contin makes me nauseated when I take them and I was taking off of percocet 10/650 for tylenoyl purposes before I started the roxis. My Family Dr. told me to tell my pain Dr. to take me off of the tylenol which he did.

To make a long story short, The Dr. that I have now doesn't want to seem to listen to me as I am now back on percs with the MS Contin. Keep in mind that I have been on pain meds with tylenol since 1991. I go back to the Dr. next month and I need to know what to tell her. Also, when I first seen her back in march, I told her that I also used to take Methadone, she ignored me. I am trying everything I can to try and get a long with her and am patient in trying what she wants me to. I have called numerous times and spoke with the Dr.'s nurse and she told me to take the MS Contin every 8hrs. which STILL doesn't help. So I need some advise on what to do or say to her? Also, since my injury in 1991 I have NEVER failed a drug test with the medication I was on at the times. So it's not like I am some druggy on the street. All I am asking is for some relief! I am an HONEST person and get afraid to ask for anything. Any Advise would be helpful! Thank You!