I have took painkillers for numerous medical problems over past 10 years. opiates were the best solution for my pain, because of other medical problems I have. I am now on 60 mg oxys 4 times a day, I have tapered off over the past few months to only 3 a day, but I cut them in half. My doctor is leaving her practice, I have had her for 8 years. I am not from the area I live and it is very remote here so I have no idea of where to go to the doctor. I am terrified in going cold turkey if I cannot find a doctor who will give me my meds, or even accept me as a patient. I am open to any kind of alternative pain relief. or even if someone will help me try and stop them. I have no idea id I can even funtion with out them! I never abuse them, but other than when I cut back, I don't miss doses. I have one refill left. How can I taper off and quit on my own? I would love to know I can do this in case I can't find a doctor. I am terrified. I have a 12 year old child, three dogs and cannoy go away to rehab. I do not think I need drug rehab, just pain management and a good doctor. Any taper off ideas or suggestions. I am in the Knoxville tennessee area. God Bless You and Help!