... may be broke, he has what they call tennis arms & elbows, He was on methadone for a while and detoxed off of it successfully and then he broke his back & shattered his hand they had to go in and put titanium rods & screwas to put his hand back together, the doctor even stated he has never seen a break that bad he was in surgery for 3 hours and know he is back at being addicted to pain pills and would like to get everything fixed but he needs help trying to get off the pain meds cause he works every day like this & can barely move when he gets home we are trying to figure out how this pain can be taken care of & the withdrawls of the pain meds without having to go back on methadone at a methadone clinic. I know that some doctors can prescribe methadone but how do we found out who? so they can detox him. Its hard to go to a methadone clinic especially the only one we have here and have a job because they want you at the clinic everyday and go to 4 meetings per week and you cant do that when you work a full time job or you will lose your job and then you cant pay the 100.00 a week payment they want for the methadone so again you would not be able to go to the clinic if you cant work you cant pay and then you probably lost your job. Please tell us what we can do,. I here of people every day that goes to pain clinics and gets methadone and there is nothing wrong with them but what about the people that really do have serious pain & medical conditions that actually need the methadone but cant find help. Please help us with this, no one should have to go through something like this and I dont no what else to do. Could you please give us some doctors/pain clinics that can help him with this