ok.first of all,i am from puerto rico,so i think there's a bit of language and cultural barrier.ok.second thing,i don't find it rude or anything like it.it's just that i'm new in this and i have not had time enough to write better what i really want to.i'm just asking some questions because i am confused in some areas.i am really comitted with being opiate clean.but i don't know if i could ever be forever the rest of my life without having a drink once in a while.i am just tryn to see when or if it could be possible to have some fun,without opiates,,, and not relapse,since i know a lot of persons who have been on suboxone 2mg,4mg and 8mg and can do a couple of beers sometimes.i've seen them,just like buzzed... never,drunk.and i'm not sayn that im right or wrong.that's why i ask the question,because i dont know... about the xanax i've also seen some friends of mine currently on 12mg of suboxone and 1mg of xanax or clonopin and they drink sometimes.im not sayng i'm gonna do it.i'ts just been hard on me this detox.i'ts been fast and i expected to be absolutely fine after my rapid detox.everyone told me i was gonna feel week for 2 weeks and then it was gonna be paradise,so i just think there's been a misunderstanding,because i don't have anyone to talk to,since i have been following the program the doctor gave me in florida ,which is another problem... bacause i'm in p.r. and my doc on florida does not help.i have to do everything from e-mail,and i'ts not easy,sorry bout that... i just want someone to help me focus on what i should do and on what to do if im close to relapse... that is'nt even on my mind,but i'ts possible.so that's about it.the xanax,i have been prescribed almost all my life... ever since i was 16-17... i am 34 now... so i don't even get to feel "high" on it... it's just normal to me.feel free to say anything you want,that's exactly what i need.sorry if i bothered u.and thanks for the help.