Can anyone help please. I just relised recently that I was addicted to Codeine which my Doctor has been prescribing then for 3 years. I am on 28 pills per day and each one is 30mg. I went to my doctor and told him I thought I maybe addicted to them, as I tried to stop taking them and became very ill on the second day off... never experienced anything quite as bad in my life.
So come this Thursday I will be starting on Methadone or Suboxone, not quite sure which one yet. I ahve been reading up on the difference's between the two, I think Suboxine sounds the best for me, however I have no idae what I am talking about when it comes to drugs legal or illegal. Can anyone give me their opinions and feedback. I have very little support, apart from my husband. I started taking this drug for carpal tunnel syndrome and three years later I am stuck in the middle of this nightmare they call opiate addiction. Please tell me someone out there is going to support me and keep in touch, as I am really dont know how much I cn take of this life with or without Codeine. When the dovctor cuts me off this thursday from the codeine That's it, I would not know any other way to get them, so I am terrified it all goes wrong.

Please take 5 mins out your day, I thank you if you reply.

Annpan (United Kingdom)