I need support, and am hoping to post to and be mutually encouraged by others who are tapering or detoxing (or who can help by posting their experiences). A month and 1/2 ago I was on Opana ER 40 mg. 3 X day plus 10 mg. short acting Opana up to 3 times a day. I am now on Opana ER 25 mg (a 20 and 5) plus 2.5 mg Opana short-acting. I have been through UNBELIEVABLE anxiety and fear with this, and have been making it minute by minute at times. It is definitely a ONE DAY AT A TIME process. It takes a lot of patience and endurance. I looked at opiate detox programs, and they said I was on such a strong medication that I need to change to a shorter-acting opiate before I can do their programs!!! The doctors said I would be in TOO MUCH PAIN unless I did a switch! This is soooo scary. I also have severe pain issues and have had major back surgery. So this medicine was indicated. However, I am hyperalgesic--I have pain I believe is the same or greater than I had prior to getting on the Opana. I am terribly afraid of going to treatment or a detox program, having the drugs taken away, and being in unbearable pain! So, I am trying to keep my head straight every day. I am opting to taper myself. I am too afraid of the recommended process of switching too. What if I don't feel well enough to take care of my home-my husband and 8 year old daughter!!! So, my situation sucks, but I have to keep my chin up. Having people to walk through this with will be a great, great blessing. I believe we can do this together. Thanks, Marie