I had a heavy opiate pain use for 10 years plus. This past May I checked into rehab and started Suboxone. I am six months on Suboxone 8/2's film twice per day and started my own version of a taper which I kind of put together from reading suggestions on this web site... approx 20 days ago I tapered from two 8/2's down to one 8/2 split in half which was a big drop from 16ml per day to 4ml every 12 hours, I did this for 5 days and had no problem a all! I then cut an 8/2 film into 1/3rds and took 1/3rd in morning and one in evening for 5 more days with no problem again. I then cut full piece of film into four pieces and I have taken only 1/4 in morn and eve for past 5 days... in the morning I will start 1/8th of a piece of film in morning and evening for the next 5 or 6 days... I am hoping 1/8th will work as well as the other splits have BUT where do I go after this? It is getting kind of difficult to cut the film this small. Is it time for me to skip an evening or morning and take only 1/8th per day and see how it goes? I welcome and appreciate any suggestions!