I have been on methadone for a little over 4 years now and I hate the person Ive become (ie I dont leave the house unless its absolutely necessary, Im angry all the time and take it out on my family etc)

A little over 2 and a half years ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer which has recently spread to her brain and theres nothing more anyone can do for her. She would love for me to get off of methadone and, as of late, I do too. I want my mother to see that Ive beat this addiction before she passes away, it would mean the world to her (and myself for that matter) I want her to be proud of me again. Please dont waste your time telling me that I wont be able to get off of it because Im doing it for my mother and not myself..thats not the case. Im doing it for both of us.

Anyhow, Ive got a serious question that I hope someone can answer... I am looking for honest advice here... I went on methadone because of my addiction of pain pills and Im wondering if taking pain pills for methadone withdrawals would work or not? I got on methadone to get off of pills and it worked so would it work in reverse? I now know that methadone detox is much worse than the drugs that caused me to get on it in the first place so if I take said pills would I still get withdrawals from methadone?? My idea is to quit methadone and take pain pills for withdrawals and then get off of the pills right away? I know that getting off of pills is easier than methadone.

Would that honestly work??

Thank You,

PS My dosage of methadone is currently 180mg... I was on 300mg just a few months ago so I have been going down