Im 17 and I suffer from extreme anxiety. I never leave my house because i am so on edge and scared of nothing. I dont answer my phone. I moved 2,000 miles away from where i am from because i had a very bad drug addiction to oxycotton, I was injecting at 15. We relocated here to help encourage my sobriety. I have started periodically using small amounts of xanax, I steal from my mom. I cannot explain to you how much it helps me. I feel normal again when i take it. I have a really good relationship with my therapist and I really want to tell her. The only problem is im planning on moving out and living on my own to start college in january and since im 17, I dont want to screw my chances and demolish the trust i have worked my butt of to regain. When I was young and ignorant, I took way to many xanax, 12+ yellow bars, overdosed and was hospitalized. I cant explain to you how much xanax helps me. I feel human again. I want to go out and do things, and socialize, I answer my texts and calls and completely refrain from pulling my hair out, which is a huge problem for me. Im currently taking prozac, seraquil and vyvanse. Im so scared to basically rat myself out for taking the pills, but they make me feel human. I am such a loner since I moved. My anxiety has always been horrible, but before I was self medicating with the oxycotton. I really need advice. Thank you for reading this, any kind of advice is welcome.