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I need adderall to foucs at work how do I get them I need some to help focus?

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jk13 20 Feb 2011

Sounds like ADD, or am I wrong? Regardless, just go and see your doctor, explain how it has been a severe disruption in your life, and what are your options. I'm sure that you know the answers to these questions, but nonetheless, they really need to be asked to the doc, and the doc needs to do what is best.
Good luck!
Jeff K

Cathleen186 20 Feb 2011

Have u tried adderall? I couldn't focus either, had a hard time following conversations. When my son was dx ADHD, I asked dc and he put me on Ritalin(generic) 20 mg 4x daily. It has really helped. Makes me shake though. Hope this helps.

Anonymous 21 Feb 2011

I just read in Arthritis that if you have memory fog as described for fibromyalgia, or chrontic pain, Adderal could help clear the mind. take this infor to your doctor & see if they would prescribe it for you. It may depend on what you are taking now. You should go to Drugs A - Z & look it up as it can interreact with conditions you haven't mentioned. I have fibro fog & was glad to hear about this. Good luck to you. free discount card

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