... the point i cannot do much of anything or have any quality of life to say the least.Recently the doctor gave me time release morphine and perocet to take in between morphine pills.But that didnt work and i was still in alot of pain.Out of desperation of being in such intense pain i took one morophine pill 15 mg time release others upset my stomach.And one percocet at the same time.Well the pain has eased but not gone.But i have noticed a huge differance.Does anyone have a answer that can help me.I need relief all the time not tempory.(sorry about the spelling) is there a time release percocet that can be taken with the morophine and maybe one thats a bit stronger than 7.5/750?I have been batteling this pain for years and its gotten alot worse as i get older.I have taken i think every medicine in the book i think LOL but this is the only thing i have found much relief in.
Thanks for any help in advance.By the way i really didnt want a narcotic but the doctor finally talked me into it.I am not after a high i am after RELIEF and a LIFE BACK